Vodnjanska cesta 53a, 52212 Fažana, Istria/Croatia

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the apartment Villa Mihaela. We would like to introduce you to house rules to make your
stay as pleasant as possible. Please contact the host for any queries or information you may need.

House rules

1. At the arrival, please provide your host with your identification documents for the purpose of registration at the
Tourist Board. The documents have to be returned to you within 24 hours. When the guest checks-in, he has to
leave a 150€ deposit as insurance for any possible disappearance, damage or destruction of apartment’s
inventory. Upon expiry of lease, the deposit will be fully refunded to the guest or damages will be covered from it.

2. The guest has to take care of the apartment key, and in case of losing it, the fee is 100€

3. You will pay the rent personally at the reception if the reservation was not made through some other agency.
The payment is made only in Kuna according to the price list for the current year which is placed in the
accommodation unit.

4. The price of apartment includes: water, electricity, (for cooking, water heating).

5. If you decide to cut your agreed stay earlier, you will have to cover the cost of the entire duration of the
agreed stay.

6. The guest is responsible for keeping the accommodation clean and for maintaining it. The host is not

7. Without prior announcement and guest’s permission, the host is not allowed to enter the rented apartments or
to touch and use the guest’s personal belongings. The host may enter the object in guest’s absence only in
cases when he has reasonable doubt that the object or the guest’s belongings are threatened, and when he has
reasonable doubt that house rules are being violated.

8. The host is available to you during your stay for any information and assistance you may need. The host is
neither obligated nor responsible to organize guest’s free time or to entertain the guest.

9. The host is not responsible for the guest’s belongings but will do everything in his power to protect and alert
the guest to possible threats.

10. Pets are not allowed within the apartments, and the apartment owner is fully entitled to cancel the
accommodation without having to pay cancellation costs.

11. The guests are advised to refrain from smoking in closed spaces and are recommended to smoke at the
apartment terraces and external joint areas. During the summer, you are kindly asked to take the garbage from
the apartments on daily basis.

12. It is not allowed to bring inflammable and explosive substances and matters with strong or unpleasant smell
into the apartment. Electrical appliances for which you have not obtained the host’s approval cannot be brought
into the apartment. The cost of electricity which is included in the accommodation price does not anticipate
additional electrical appliances, and the guest will be charged additional cost of electricity proportional to the

13. From 10 pm until 7 am is the time of peace and quiet, during which it is prohibited to make noise and disturb
peace of other guests in the house.

14. The guest is obligated to guard the equipment and the rented apartment in general, special attention has to
be paid to switching off the electrical appliances, closing the pipes, switching off the air-conditioning when the
guest is not in the apartment, and all doors and windows have to be closed prior to switching on the airconditioning.

15. Persons who are not the beneficiaries of the rented apartment and who were not mentioned/enlisted on the
previously enclosed reservation are strictly prohibited from entering the apartments. In case of finding the
persons who are neither registered nor announced, the host is fully entitled to cancel the accommodation for all
guests without paying the cancellation fees.

16. The guest who intentionally or accidentally damages the property, will have to reimburse the host for the
full amount of the occurred damage. On the day of departure, the guest is obligated to personally invite the
host to check all rooms and appliances to make sure no damage was made. Only after this inspection, the
guest may leave the accommodation. The guest will be charged through legal channels for all damages which
were not reported upon departure.

17. On the day of departure, you are obligated to vacate the premises until 10am so that they could be cleaned
and prepared for other guests arriving after you who can check-in as of 2pm. Staying in the apartment after
10am will unconditionally be charged for additional day without an option of further stay in the accommodation

18. You are obligated to maintain the apartment and return it in the same condition as you found it: clean, tidy
and undamaged.

19. Accommodation will be unconditionally cancelled to the guest who does not abide by the house rules.

20. In case of accommodation cancellation by the host due to violation of house rules, the guest will be charged
the entire amount for the reserved period, regardless of the shorter stay.

21. The guests are obligated to take care of their own things and valuables. The object’s owner gives up liability
for possible disappearance of guest’s valuables and belongings.

22. When starting to use the accommodation it is assumed that the guest is acquainted with the house rules
and that he agrees to obligations and conditions emphasized in the house rules. All complaints shall be
considered only if reported during the stay. Subsequent complaints will not be considered. If the guest does not
accept these provisions, he is obligated to leave the accommodation. We wish you a pleasant stay!